The Sun Is Black~!

Only because I am a sucker for black love

The Hands Of A Lonely Boy


The sun is black
and I don’t like the way your fingers strum the strings in my
It’s a little too light for feels
It’s a little too wet for the stars to melt on the lips of the sunset
but it’s wet enough to drown
your name in my mouth.
The sun is black and
I want you to wine with me.

The sun is black and
there are galaxies built like fortress
in the eyes of our women.

The wind is harsh
rustling through the trees
and there is a song blue
as the sea on the lips of our men.

We run in the fields
to find ourselves dancing
in circles in an ebony night
free from shackles,
free from hounding noises,
free from our soft whispers,
Just our eyes holding a dialogue
in our chest.

The sun is black
and the night is yet

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I am woman.

Carefully crafted for touch, for grip, I woman.

I have days that make no sense to me, I am woman.

Like a bee,I will sting when irritated or wrongfully handled, I am woman.

At the same time, patience, will bring you the sweetest of anything you ever imagined, I am woman.

Dear man,I am NOT trying to be you ,I am woman.

Please, more than anything understand this.

I was put on this earth to be your companion and bring you bliss, I am woman.

You and your babies will suck on my supple bosom, I am woman.

I KNOW you man, I am woman.

I love differently, I am woman.

Needless to say I hate differently too,I am woman.

Tell me I am beautiful, not hot or pretty or cute, I am woman.

My passions define me more than my looks,I am woman.

My dreams go beyond definitions from books,I am woman.

When the time is right,I will show you my face,I am woman.

But in no way is this a competition or a race,I am woman.

Don’t try to tame me, I am woman.

That will take away from all the beauty that you see,I am woman.

I have diamonds on the soles of my shoes, I am woman.

They are only there to soothe the pain of my walking blues, I am woman.

I will selflessly bend over backwards, I am woman.

Don’t let that fool you, I will cook you a meal afterwards, I am woman.

Most importantly,I have that one thing you will always look for, I AM WOMAN.



So after surviving a break up that resembled the 7th circle of Hell I am back at writing and living.

I like to take  walks in my own brain, smell and pick flowers, kick pebbles and basically just work my little nut out. Funny thing is the stuff that I find there when nothing much is going on….Lawd help us woo!

Anyway, I decided that I am going to challenge myself because I am tired of fighting with society and what it seems to want for me. When I was younger I imagined that the proverbial ‘growing up’ would be accompanied by a beautiful ceremony filled with drums and scantily dressed virgins, dancing to commemorate this change. Boy was I wrong. Little did I know that actual growing up came with tears and loss and discomfort, and self-discovery and new beginnings, I could go on!!

Well let me digress a little, for a brief rant!

Society is a bitch!

So I will end that there before I lose all the respect I have managed to gather in my 27 years on this beautiful earth.

So this year I will officially be 2 years away from the dreaded big 3-0!! Wooo *shivers*. Now I honestly do not give a rats behind what anyone feels about turning 30 but I will highlight the fact that I have witnessed fellow human beings lose it. I have seen men become boys and women become grandmas! This shit right here is real!! Hmmm  nachepa.

I have decided I am going to make the journey down to the other side worth the ride. This means that whatever happens when I cross over, the ride there would have been EPIC.

I have generated a list of things I have always wanted to do and now I want to do them before I am 30. Some may seem outlandish and very wishful thinking-esque, but its my list and I hope I atleast inspire someone out there to do the same. One main reason for this list is so that I am not caught up in the unrealistic dreams of finding Mr Right or Mr Right Now,coz lawd knows I need one 😉 and baby that shit will get you in TROUBLE!

30 BEFORE 30

  1. 52 in 52 book challenge (this requires me to read 52 books in 52 weeks, it’s been 6 weeks, I’ve read 4 books, it’s a challenge)
  2. Do 10 full push-ups, effortlessly
  3. Go bungee jumping
  4. Master’s degree (in whatever)
  5. Visit Zanzibar
  6. Couch surf at least once
  7. Ride in a hot air balloon
  8. Adopt a pet
  9. Go on a classic road trip
  10. Ride a motor cycle
  11. Go vegetarian for a month (because why not)
  12. Sun bathe on a nude beach
  13. Have the balls to touch wild animal
  14. Coral reef (any)
  15. Go to a very far place, alone
  16. Get certified in CPR
  17. Go on an expensive date. Alone
  18. Learn to play an instrument (well…)
  19. Eat 5 new things
  20. Learn a new language (seriously)
  21. Take up a new spiritual practice
  22. Learn to cook a really fancy dish
  23. Move to a new town/city/country
  24. Pee in at least one ocean, if not all
  25. Give a great speech at a friend’s wedding
  26. Start a collection of anything
  27. Go on a spontaneous trip
  28. Buy a powerful camera
  29. Visit a winery

Now I can imagine what may be going through your mind…’yeah right!’

Damn straight I am right. I just hope that when I do achieve any one of these, that I can document and share. Now go ahead and make a list too.


27 things I’ve learnt on my way to 27

Definitely worth my 10minutes

1. Life is not meant to be hard. We can choose to be what we want to be by either elimination or addition or we can choose to accept circumstances. Either way we have a choice.

2. Love is not a result or a constant state of being. Love is our precondition as man. It is our original setting. We can’t find love, we can just return to it. We are essentially good.

3. Sex is rubbing and semen.

4. Money and wealth are not the same. It took me a while to get this.

5. Good friends do not tolerate your stupidity.

6. Reputation is a useless pursuit, even unborn children will die and no one will remember your actions.

7. Conflicts are just distractions. Nothing justifies disputes.

8. Food is fuel; would you put mud in your car tank?

9. Man was not designed to be a data entry clerk.

10. Don’t trust your emotions. They are unreliable…

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